Mergerra ™ is a veteran owned outdoor clothing brand. We design innovative, functional outdoor clothes with military grade quality. Our passion for outdoor living and extraordinary equipment stems from our military background. During exercises and operations we learned the need for solid basic skills and to appreciate good equipment to ease the hardship. We use this knowledge when creating new products and we test our ideas on our network of former colleagues to create the best solutions possible. Mergerra original outdoor clothes are developed and designed in Sweden by a Swedish designer. The clothes are sewn in a factory in Poland, Europe. We order all fabrics and garment accessories from well known producers to ensure quality. We test our products ourselves during outdoor activities and events such as Milruck rucking challanges. In this way, we control the entire chain from idea to finished product. Beyond our original outdoor clothing we offer Mergerra brand products such as T-shirts and hats. These products are produced on demand by a third party provider. Contact us Adress: Mergerra, Örnäsvägen 63, 302 91 Halmstad, Sweden. E-mail: