About the jacket

We designed the Mergerra Steinar Ventile ® Jacket for adventures; planned or unexpected! Our starting is an unexpected survival situation. You may have been injured, got lost during navigation or surprised by harsh weather conditions. You are alone in the terrain, a fair distance away from civilization, you have nothing else but the clothes you are wearing and the weather just got worse…

The Mergerra Steinar Ventile ® Jacket give you the ability to navigate, shelter, start the first fire and signal with light sound and color. This is achived using the integrated compass, tarp, fire-starters, led-light, whistle and contrasting orange inner lining. The functions are subtly placed and with you at all times, that dormant capability, ready to be used when needed.

Design & functions

Mergerra Steinar Ventile ® Jacket is a modern designed outdoor jacket developed for your rural adventure. The jacket has two generous hip pockets and two large, rectangular chest pockets. Located on top of the chest pockets there are small pockets for the jackets accessories; fire-starters, whistle, compass and led-light. In the waist- and bottom channel there is fire-cord to assist you when using the fire-starters to ignite a fire. The jackets collar houses a tarp to shelter you from harsh weather conditions. The inner lining has a contrasting orange color for signalling if in emergency. On the shoulders there is Velcro to attach patches. We provide you with our brand patch, a swedish military inspired one. On the opposite shoulder you can attach your own. If you do not have any, why not challange yourself on a Rucking event where you will earn a patch after completion. For inspiration see goruck.com.

The material for the jacket has been chosen with care. The cotton fabric, Ventile ®, is the world’s most effective, natural, all-weather, breathable fabric. It’s designed to achive the best possible balance of all-weather performance, comfort and hard wear. The jacket has Cordura ® reinforcements around sleeves, pockets and bottom channel. The zippers are supplied by the industry leader YKK ® and the garment accessories are provided by Wasa Sweden. All to make sure we can deliver a product of top quality and durability.   


  • Area of use: Shell jacket. Suitable for all types of outdoor activities.
  • Fit: Normal
  • Main fabric: Ventile ® L24, long staple cotton, 200-205 gsm.
  • Zippers: YKK ®
  • Weight: 1300 gram in size M
  • Reinforcement fabric: Cordura ®


  • 4 accessory  pockets carrying: Fire-starters, Whistle, compass, led-light.
  • A 1.2 x 2.2 m Tarp in the jackets collar.
  • Fire-cord in the waist- and bottom channel.
  • Innerlinging in contrasting orange color.
  • Changeable velcro patch on the left shoulder.
  • 2 hip pockets.
  • 2 large, rectangular chest pockets.
  • Adjustable storm hood.
  • Ventilation zippers i armpits.
  • Adjustable waist.
  • Pre-bent arms.

Ventile ®

High performance cotton fabric developed in england since 1943

Ventile ® is the worlds most effective, natural, all-weather, breathable fabric. It’s designed to achive the best possible balance of all-weather performance, comfort and hard wear.

Single Layer Ventile ® provides the most effective combination of comfort and protection for active outdoor wear. It’s incredibly hardwearing, windproof and rainresistant to a remarkable degree. But at the same time, it’s very light and a pleasure to wear. For all kinds of energetic outdoor pursuits, in all but the worst of weather, it’s “breathing”, water-resistant qualities will keep you dry, warm and comfortable, in a way which is unique.

The Ventile ® fabric is woven from the finest, long staple cotton. It breathes more effectively and wears far better than other all-weather, “breathing” fabrics.

Cordura ®

It’s a tough world out there. gear up for it.

For more than 45 years, CORDURA® fabrics have been selected by makers of high performance gear and apparel where durability counts. Today, you’ll find CORDURA ® fabrics in many top brands that are known for making tough, long-lasting products. In fact, CORDURA ® fabrics are trusted by many militaries around the globe.

Over the years, the CORDURA ® brand team has introduced and perfected a wide-range of versatile fabrics. From the classic air-jet textured nylons to ultra-lightweight high tenacity nylon and polyester fabrics. CORDURA ® fabrics are considered best-in-class for durability and performance.

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