Ventile ® – Taking Care of Your Garment
Ventile ® is a tough and highly breathable entirely natural cotton fabric providing excellent weatherproofing in a single layer and is fully waterproof in a double layer. Its long pedigree goes back to the Second World War and was used in the first summit of Everest in 1953. Ventile ® is ideal for naturalists, hunters, bushcraft, cycling and climbing. Ventile ® is 100% Cotton, extremely durable and offers users many years of protection and comfort. Please look after the fabric for maximum durability.

Damage to fibres can occur when in contact with acids, bleaches and detergents. If contact does occur, soak thoroughly in cold water.

Sand and Grit
Sand and grit increases the abrasion on cotton fibres and can reduce the lift of the jacket. Please brush off all sand, grit and mud once dried.

– Gently brush or sponge off any dirt.
– Close the zipper/fastener.
– Turn the garment inside out.
– Wash separately
– Machine wash in in warm water, 40°C, at a low spinning rate, 800 RPM.
– Ventile® recommend Nikwax Tech Wash or pure liquid soap. Ensure that there is no residue of conventional detergent in your washing machine. Conventional detergents destroy the water-repellent finish on all waterproof garments.
– DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER. It clogs the pores of the garment and decreases breathability.
– DO NOT USE TUMBLE DRYING. Reshape the garment on a hanger and allow to dry naturally avoiding direct sunlight.
– Iron carefully on a warm setting – this reactivates the DWR treatment.

Your Ventile ® garment may eventually require a reproof. To reproof your Ventile ® garment, we also recommend washing in Nikwax Cotton Proof.